About Me

I'm a software developer / husband / high school math and science tutor / Chaplain / gamer / dog owner / hobbyist author / guy with a love for most things nerdy.

I program in many different languages, though my day job pays me to work with Angular, C# / VB .NET, ASP .NET (WebForms and MVC), SQL Server, JavaScript / TypeScript, and WPF among other technologies.

About this Site

This site exists largely to host experimental projects, data, and web services, but if you're a human browsing the web or a machine that's become self aware, I hope you're enjoying your visit and getting something useful out of this.

And, if you're wondering, yes, the site is supposed to look blue. I'm going for a 1980's console app look and feel.

Technologies Used

This site was programmed using:

  • MVC Framework 5 on .NET 4.5
  • Bootstrap 3 (really itching to restyle it in 4, though)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Windows Azure
Additional technologies were used in many of the projects referenced as well as the services providing data to them.